Kompot & Café


Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Choose something delicious to eat from our offerings. Order coffee if you’ve just had lunch, or tea if it’s teatime. We’ve been welcoming our guests for almost twenty years.

We have created this place out of passion. We are based in Łęknica, a small town on the Polish-German border, located near the picturesque Mużakowski Park (Muskauer Park). We warmly invite you to visit our unique restaurant – one of very few of its kind.

We cook all our delectable dishes on site, from start to finish. Everything is always fresh and the cooking can be watched by our visitors. Everything is served quickly, but with an elegant flair. The cuisine is traditional Polish, hence the name Kompot (compote) – a dish usually served with Polish dinners. After dinner, we recommend our fresh brewed coffee and something sweet from our dessert menu.

We at KOMPOT & CAFÉ welcome anyone who likes to eat delicious and healthy meals in a pleasant and stylish interior.

The restaurant is completely accessible to people with disabilities. We also have a parking space for bicycles. We’re waiting for you at our place!

See you soon!